I always had trouble deciding what to be when I grew up. Should I be a philosopher? An observer of human character? Maybe a culture critic. I’d like to write about achieving greatness, too.

So many choices. Then I decided–I would do all of these things!

That’s what being a writer means to me: exploring the mysteries of life, the mind and the heart. And while we’re at it, the movies and music, too. It’s all one package, if you think about it.

You can see all of this in my book Killing Cool: Slaying the False Self and Finding True Awareness. It’s all about becoming who you actually are instead of pasting a false self over the real you. It speaks of problems AND solutions and it does it in a personal way, derived from my own experience. It might change your life.

Some readers may wish to inquire about my intellectual pedigree. Well, I’m a mixed breed. There’s a lot of Ayn Rand in me, but I’m no purebred. I like Nietzsche, except when he’s hideously wrong. A list of my forebears would also include Walter Ong, E.D. Hirsch, Eric Berne, Eugene Gendlin and many others. I’m not indiscrimanate–I just know how to extract what’s good in an author without being contaminated by what’s bad.

I guess you could say I’m a constant explorer. I’m the same way about novels, photography, music and movies, all of which I plan to write about along with the ideas.

I hope we’ll get to spend some time together. And not just with me talking and you listening. I crave your comments. I think everyone has a unique take on life, and if I provoke some words of wisdom from you, that would make me happy. Maybe I’ll quote you in my next book.

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  1. (Excuse my English mistakes)

    Hello Kurt, I just found your website and I like it a lot. I am very interested in buying your response to Sam Harris’s Free Will. Is there any way to buy it in a no kindle version? Maybe Epub or pdf? Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


  2. finished your book on “Free Will,” which I totally agree with. I think free will and determinism require some control, some free “won’t.”
    Tried to find your book, Killing Cool, on Amazon, but not luck. I’ve also read a lot of Rand, and enjoy TOS, mostly because of Craig Biddle; and my favorite therapy of the 1980’s was T.A. by Berne.

  3. Hello Mr. Keefner,

    I don’t know how else to contact you.

    Years ago I found some posts by you and others on the old OWL list (yes, a decade or so ago) critique Scott Ryan’s attacks on Objectivism. I did not save those responses (either yours or others, like Merlin Jetton’s), though I always wish I had. Is it possible that you have any of these that you could send to me in some form? I’d really appreciate it!

    Waiting many years!

    Dawson Bethrick

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