Free Will Defended

A new essay defending the idea of free will.

In this new essay I defend the idea of free will against Sam Harris, leading atheist, who claims that we are the puppets of the unconscious forces. He makes arguments from philosophy, neurology and introspection, all of which can be shown to be flimsy and even unfair to the other side. Harris problem, I conclude, is that he is in the thrall of religious ideas still ambient in our culture.

This is a book of interest to anyone who cares about human hope and dignity, especially those who are concerned that a secular worldview puts those things in danger.

Available in a Kindle Edition from Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Free Will Defended

  1. Dear Mr Kurt Keefner
    I ‘m from Belgium and I tried to purchase via Amazone your book about ‘Free will, response to Sam Harris’.
    It was impossible to purchase it because I live in Belgium.
    I’m very interested in your opinion. Is it possible to send me via email an example?
    Thank you very much,
    Toon Desmarets
    Sint-Rochuslaan 66
    8500 Kortrijk

  2. Hi Kurt,
    Maybe you did not received my previous mail. For that reason I write you on your website.
    You can send me in PDF of the essay ‘Free will: a response to Sam Harris’ if you like.
    Thank you very much
    Toon Desmarets

  3. Kurt, thank you for this. I guess I am chiming in a little late here. I am a big fan of Sam Harris–and I am not nearly as smart as either of you guys–but find his theory of free will to be annoying. I have listened to and read Dennett’s responses–which you would expect to be cogent–and while I agree with, Dennett, I found his arguments insufficient and unconvincing. However, your essay nailed it, particularly the issue of dualism which I picked up on right away, but needed the help of someone like you to more fully realizing my thinking. Harris is a very smart guy, obviously, who has dug deep into these difficult matters from both an intellectual and “spiritual” perspective. He certainly has earned his gravitas. Surprising to see him embrace dualism so (apparently) naively.

    I just bought “Killing Cool” and look forward to reading it.


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