The Upward Path

Why do so many people not reach their potential? This is a question I have thought about for decades.

I believe that people obscure, deny and fragment themselves. In my forthcoming book, Killing Cool, I contrast the false self with the authentic one. The problem is that most of us do not know how to think or to let ourselves feel. Religious people substitute a kind of wishful thinking for reason and “hip” people hook into an imaginary zeitgeist. Living with a false self prevents the true self, the core self from realizing itself. In the book I try to illuminate an upward path.

In another book on the drawing board, I plan to write about how one achieves freedom from self-imposed limitations. The scope of our free will is so much larger than the scope of things we would ever seriously consider doing. To some extent this is appropriate, since otherwise we would be robbing banks and walking down the street making bird noises, but there are many things we should try that we don’t because of our assumptions, such as “real men don’t do that,” and false dichotomies, such as reason versus playfulness.

Still another book, way on the back burner for now, is about the integration of mind and body. I believe that many people take themselves to be just a mind, a soul or a body, with the other part regarded as a mere appendage. How to achieve wholeness is first of all a philosophical task, but it is also a psychological one, and I hope to bring both together. I have been working on this book, off and on for about five years. What is holding me back is the problem of how to make it accessible to a general audience, but I hope to solve that soon.

In between other projects I plan to write a little literary and film criticism and just have some fun with my writing. I hope you’ll follow along with me on my adventure and share your own.

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